Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Day!

This is all of the presents ready for Christmas morning. Jon got up at three in the morning to turn the lights back on the tree so it would look magical for them. Conner was trying to make his way through all the presents.
Conner was so excited for Christmas Day. He loved his Angry Birds Towel and wore it the whole day. He was way excited about his shark tooth fossil and it was the first thing he did after we finished opening gifts.

Cooper slept most of the morning but was way excited about all of the balls he got. He loves to crawl and push them on the ground. He reminds me of a dog when he plays with them.

Jon checking out the BOM he parents gave us that has pages to put family history in the front.

Oh Kate loves her princess banks that Grandma gave her and is having a hard time deciding which princess she wants to be for the day.

They were all excited about opening their gifts.

He spent along time just trying to dig out the shark teeth and he was super nice and gave one to Taylor.

Justin got just the thing he needs to be a tetherball champ. Some new gloves to play with. He loved them of course and was so excited about every gift.

Kate loved Cinderella and the mice that came with it and she has on her Cinderlla night gown to go with it.

Justin was excited about this book on Whittling. He is always trying to create something in the backyard.

Oh what a surprise this was. We went back and forth trying to decide if we should buy a camera. We decided not to but Jon had already bought this. He woke up at 3 in the morning just to put it out because he thinks that I am snoopy. I was so excited and what a fun surprise it was that day. I love this guy. I even said on Christmas Eve it doesn't look like their is a camera out here while we were looking at all of the gifts. It was has been fun to have a new one. I am so excited about it. Jon is great.

This was my gift from Conner that he made in school. He did a great job.

Conner loved his Buster Posey poster.

G&G gave him the Captain America stuff and boy did he love it. I think it was one of his favorite gifts.

Conner got them out. Yes he was so excited about them.

Cooper 9 months and wondering what is going on but loving it and eating the paper and climbing in the boxes was super fun to him.

Justin loved his Bow and Arrow set he got and boy these really can go far.

Taylor loved his jersery and also loved his Bob Feller signed ball he got.

I loved what Grandpa said. He woke up to the kids yelling out the names of baseball players. They got a bunch of baseball cards in their stocking. I think they could've looked at their cards all day. I love how much they get into them and they really know the players even Conner is good at knowing the players.

Kate loved her kitchen she got. Now she can make food and icecream all day. I made her the apron to cook with. She has had so much fun with it.

Justin and Conner had a blast playing in the garage with Justin's targets. They are alot of fun to play with.

Twins. Conner was so excited about his redsox's shirt.

We loved having family with us. They were so fun and the kids enjoyed each gift so much that after we opened one they wanted to take it out of the box. So it took longer and we even took a break half way through to make breaksfast because they were getting hungry. We had lots of See's Candy that is the Snow tradition and Jon loves it .

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