Monday, January 14, 2013

Justin's fox

Dear Justin,

 Merry Christmas!  Several weeks ago I received your Christmas List and there is one item that I would like to address;  That is your recent request for a gray fox.

 As you can imagine, I often receive requests for animals from children all over the world; from cheetahs to monkeys and penguins to killer whales.  Unfortunately there are some legal and parental constraints that I must take into consideration with such requests.  Nonetheless, I am so proud of how excellent your behavior has been this past year, that I could not altogether overlook your request.  As a compromise, and with the approval of your parents, I hope you will accept the enclosed adoption paperwork as a suitable alternate. 

Merry Christmas,


This a picture of Justin with his fox that he adopted at the Lindsey Wildlife Musuem. We took G&G Snow and Tim to the museum on Christmas Eve. Justin didn't know about the adoption so he was so surprised and way excited. We have a pass to the musuem so we can go anytime. He had a request to get a paw print of Kin-Tah (that is the foxes name) and to feed it, but we will have to see about that. This is his favorite gift and he has been telling everyone that he got a fox for Christmas. Awesome.

There is a spot that you can leave questions. I love Taylor's question. Classic.

This was the certificate he opened. He got a folder with this in it and a book about foxes.

He was so fun to watch on Christmas because he did this hand pump after every gift. He loved each and every one of them. He especially loved his arrow head necklace. Someday he will make his own at Anasazi this is only to get him prepared for that.

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lisa said...

Wow. I think this one tops the list. You guys are officially the best parents. I love how great your kids are! Sounds like you had a great Christmas, makes me wish I could be there Christmas morning with your kids, so fun!