Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve!

We loved having G&G Snow and Tim come on the 23rd and stay until Christmas day. We took the kids to the Lindsey Wildlife musuem Christmas eve. What a great time we had. Justin got to put in his last wishes for a fox at the musuem.

They have the best grandparents in the world.

I love the life demonstrations and they bring out the animals. It was cool to see a bald eagle up and close. I also love how they have the animals on top of the cages so you can see them. I love seeing the owls and watch them rotate their heads. They almost don't look real.
We love the Wests. We acted out the nativity and Marla was a shepherd and Jim was a wiseman. I loved their costumes. We let our kids do their own costumes.

Kate was Mary and she thought she was so pretty and played the part perfectly.
We invited Terry Stefanski over to eat Dinner and celebrate Christmas Eve with us. It was fun!

Joseph was taking care of Mary on their way to Bethlehem.
This was the only picture got of Cooper being baby Jesus. Needless to say he didn't sit long.
I loved how Tim played every part. If we needed a camel he did it and in this picture he is the angels singing to the shepherds.
Mary was very excited about the "gold" they got and I think Joseph was even more excited. Grandpa was the narrator and he did a great job. I loved how he stopped to ask questions and the engaged the kids.

Then we all got Christmas socks a tradtion started with Great Grandma Snow.
Then we gave each other a few gifts. The kids signed a baseball for Grandpa to put in his office.
Cooper did a great job and we really have been working on Kate to get her to spell her name.

Santa came by to visit us and the kids loved it. He gave them a present out of his big red sack.

Conner was excited to sit on his lap.
I love Taylor's face in this picture and it makes you wonder what he is thinking. Santa even made us sit on his lap.
Kate was trying to get a glimpse of his sleigh as he left.
Presents from Aunt Jenny were awesome. Kate loved loved them.
Pajama time was a hit in our house. Cooper had the biggest smile and is super cute.
Conner was crazy in every picture. He was so excited for Christmas. He was so excited that his shirt glowed in the dark.

Sheryl was a special helped for Santa. She holds Cooper every Sunday in Church. She is great.
I worried about how our first Christmas home would be but it was fun. We loved having friends and family to celebrate our Savior's birth. It is fun to watch how excited the kids get and the big smiles they had on their faces and it was fun to watch Kate dance in her new night gown while Jon sang a princess song.


Michelle Y. said...

I love the baseball idea, I'm totally going to copy that for my dad :)

Tonja said...

What a fun night! I love their costumes. We used to do that too. We would draw for parts and then we each had 15 minutes to come up with our costume. They will remember that forever!