Thursday, December 27, 2012

We are excited for Christmas!

We had our good friends the Blacks over for FHE and to decorate sugar cookies. They have taught both Taylor and Justin in Primary and are such good teachers.
Their kids are a blast as well Emma and Eugene and they are both in the Coast Guard and we just love talking to them. Clark is the most genuine best we know.
MacKenzie and Hunter helped Justin chop down two trees in our backyard. They have been dead for some time and the scouts chopped them down, but left the stumps to come and pull out later. Jon is always telling the boys to go chop them down and one day they really did it. I am not sure how they did it. The scouts left more than stumps so they just hammered them for days and then knocked them over. Awesome! We had the Lee's boys over and they were also helping and then they told their Mom they wanted to knock down trees in their backyard. I don't think she thought that was so great.

We went to see the lights at the Oakland Temple with the Holmes, Jensens, and a nonmember family that Jon met at Woodbadge. It was raining and Hailey was nice enough to share her umbrella.

The awesome Holmes family we love these guys.

The kids had a great time. It was cold so we did hot chocolate and cookies afterwards outside the visitor's center.
Don't these two look so cute. We are going to convert the kids to bow ties early.
Kate loves her new skirt and that Niko and I made. They turned out so cute. I had to search for quite a while for a red sweater but totally worth it for her. Right?

For Kate's preschool we took the kids to see Santa. They wouldn't let us take our own pictures with the kids on Santa's lap so when Santa heard this he got up to greet the kids. They loved it and he was so tall.
I love Conner's hug funny kid.
The whole clan
Kate loves her friend Shonah and her friends Courtney and Jace.
Cooper loved seeing the birds and I loved the statues they had in the middle of the mall.
This is Conner's artwork he made for school. He loves it and I think they are awesome at school to do so many crafts with the kids. He could single handly decorate my house with his art projects.

We made some cookies with the Holmes and the kids loved it.

By the end all they had were plates full of sprinkles and no cookies. Awesome.

Even the big boys got into making the sugar cookies and Justin always has his hat on but it is usually on top of his jacket.

Justin and Taylor sang at the school winter program. I didn't get a picture of Taylor playing hot cross buns on his recorder.

I found Cooper like this one day with a pine needle stuck on his nose. He loved to sit on his knees and play with the tree. The decorations just got higher and higher during the month. He is a cute kid.


jocie said...

Kate's skirt is awesome. And the bow ties are fantastic. Made me miss Grandpa.

Michelle Y. said...

I miss going to see the Oakland Temple lights, we used to go there every year when I was growing up.