Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cooper 8 months

Conner got this great idea to spike Cooper's hair one day. He was so excited about it. Whenever Cooper sees Conner and I am holding him in my arms. He will like fold himself in half and lean way over to play with Conner's hair. He loves this kid.
Oh this guy is way too cute. I let him outside one day and he just loved it. He was crawling all over eating dirt and trying to keep up with his brothers. He has mastered the stairs and he has moved onto coming down them backwards. He has fallen quite a few times, but then he is ready to crawl right back up again. He loves to eat and he makes this sound that the closest thing it sounds like is Mmm, Mmm and he will say this over and over until we give him tons to eat and even then he is never satisfied.
This kid loves balls and can find them anywhere. He was on his knee trying to hit the ball that keep moving around and he loved every minute of it.
A friend told me that Cooper looks like Kate and I have never thought about that until I saw these pictures of Kate when she was six months old. He really does look like Kate. Maybe all Cooper needs is a bow. When he was first born after I got him dressed I felt like he was missing something. I was used to Kate and all the fun hair bows.
He found the basketball in the backyard. He loves to push the balls and they entertain him for quite awhile. This little man is not far from walking. I saw him pushing this box across the floor the other day. He has won our hearts over with his big smile. Jon thinks he needs to have a bell around his neck so we can find him. He never stops going and we sure love this kid. If we could only find a way to keep him small.

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jocie said...

I love your kids. Cooper is such a cutie. If he's interested in slightly older, sassy little girls, I think maybe we could set something up with Cate. :)