Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Lists

Taylor writes the best letters to Santa. He has written two so far this year. They seem to always start with thanking Santa for his gifts last year. I thought that was really thoughtful of him. This is what this ones says if you can't read it. Thanks you for all the presents from last year. I would like a Jimmie Fox real card, a watch and a sled. A captain America costume a time machine. A time machine is possible an indian suit. If you don't want to get me this then don't waste your time or if it is too heavy. Love Taylor.

Some highlights from this one is. A bigger version of John Deere blanket, candy for the army, for the people over by New York, evidence that you are real. Please do not feel you need to get all of this. His letters crack me up. At our ward party he asked Santa for one of his reindeer. What will he come up with next? Justin was telling Taylor that he needed to put more stuff on his second list(the red one) because then he could get more stuff. I love how they really think about what they ask him for. I love this time of year it has been alot of fun.

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lisa said...

I love that Taylor asked for proof that Santa is real! Man, he is really putting you to the test! Maybe kids should do their Christmas list at the first of the year, so we have all year to make and get the things they want! Of course it'd probably change by Christmas though! Love your kids' cute letters!