Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

The kids just loved Scott and were always following him around so he could play with them. My kids didn't mind that it was freezing cold outside. They never had on socks or shoes and were trying to prove that they were tough.

Kate loved her computer that G&G Yost gave her for Christmas. She tells everyone that it is her ipad and that Grandpa gave it to her not Grandma. She loves it.

Justin is in high heaven because he got a knife and a headlamp from my parents. He loves it, so he can carve his bows.

Conner loved his erector set that he got and of course the headlamp. He takes that everywhere.

Taylor's face doesn't show it but he actually was really stocked about the science experiment kits he got from Grandma. He loved digging for dinosour bones with the Holmes.
Kent brought his guns. He got 2 new hand guns one for him and Jennifer for Christmas. The kids loved being out there shooting. Jon even let them shoot the hand gun. I love this picture because you can see Scott's smile. Jon thought it was fun to shoot clay pigeons.

Kate calls these her snow clothes. Our neighbor Hailey gave us her old clothes. Before we left for Idaho Kate and Conner would put these and play snow. We never saw any snow while we were there. It was great and we were blessed that the roads were super good.
Brex (6 months) and Cooper (9 months.)  I loved their matching clothes. Cooper was doing laps around this kid and we were lucky to get a picture of them.

Cooper was playing with his hands I thought it was precious. I hope they are buddies someday.

Dad showed the boys how to do Adaladle's from Anasazi. Lisa remembered the name of them. I was so impressed. The kids loved trying to throw these spears.

Justin was more concerned about trying to get the feather tied on, but he loved it as well. Grandpa was so good to take them out in the shop and make weapons for them. I didn't get any pictures of the knifes he cut out. He would let them draw on wood and then he cut out their creations. It was fun for the kids to spent time with Grandpa

We loved any chance we got to be over with G&G Yost. I loved seeing Grandpa's ball he caught at an A's game while he was on his mission.
These two cracked me up. They had out this castle and we just having a great time playing together.
Jen made pumpkins with the kids and they loved it out of rice crispies.

Thanksgiving meal was awesome. This is almost the whole clan. We went around and said what we were thankful for. I recorded a few of them. Justin said the Farm. Kobe said weapons. Kate said kissing. Conner just shrugged his shoulders to show us he is grateful he doesn't have to speak and shrugging his shoulders is enough said. Taylor said America. Jaycee said Obama(no comment on that one.) I am so grateful for my parents and their great love for us and all they sacrificed just for our happiness. I loved being there for Mom's talk on Janae on Sunday. She never knew she could hurt so much or cry so much. One day a friend stopped by when she was having a bad day and that was turning point for her because she knew that God loved her and was watching out for her. I loved hearing about how Nate knows Janae is helping him in his mission. I too felt her in my mission. In my patriatrical blessing it says I have guardian angels protecting me. Mom believes it is Janae. I will have alot to thank her for someday. We have a great family. I always love being home.

Jon made me shoot the 22 once and it was enough for me. It kicks back too much and of course I didn't get the clay pigeon. They make me nervous.

The pie contest. Jon and I made the cherry, Lisa made the pumpkin, and Mom made the apple.

This is after the big pie contest. I think cherry and pumpkin tied but I had to vote for Cherry for Jon.
Grandpa had a great idea to take them camping at 7:00 at night and spend the night in the windcaves. Jon was pretty excited it was pretty cold. Grandpa came back with Jon and Conner and Jaymee and Jaylee that night late. Jen and Kent and Scott stayed with all of the kids. Oh it was cold and Grandma was worried that Grandpa was going to make it so we couldn't shop on black Friday.

This is what I found Kate and Chade doing. They were figuring out how to play the W11 and doing a pretty good job at it.

This is the before picture of Kate's hair. Lisa was so awesome to give her a haircut. She cut like 2 inches off of hair. It is really fine and it is always hard to comb. She was good to sit still for her.
Then Lisa curled her hair with the wand I bought and it turned out super cute and it actually stays pretty good.
She loved looking at herself in the mirror.

He was trying to hold Cooper for just a minute and I love the genuine smile that he has on his face.

The kids watched Arthur's Christmas and even Grandpa came down but he was tired and didn't last long.
Cooper decided he needed to crawl over everyone. He is a cute kid.

He is starting to stand by himself alittle bit. He can really get around.
We drove to Pocatello on Saturday to met up with Julie, Phil and Robert. Kim also met us there with Silvia and Vanessa. Silvia was super nice to treat us all to Chilli's. It was the first time we have really taken the kids to a nice restaruant besides fast food. I don't think they liked all of the waiting.
Taylor loves to make Cooper smile.
Jon was so good to arrange it all and it was fun to see them.
Lisa and I rolled Grandma's hair for her. Well Lisa did most of it and did a great job. She cut my hair as well. I couldn't believe hos curly Grandma's hair was. It looked great afterwards.


lisa said...

I loved this post. It made me wish we could do Thanksgiving all over again. It was so great to be home with you! Thanks for taking all the pictures. I actually just got the jump drive from mom today in the mail, so I was about to post, then decided to check yours...good thing cause it's going to save me lots of time! :) Thanks again! Just a reminder that the pumpkin pie was actually eaten all gone first...just fyi. :) :)

Michelle Y. said...

Awww I"m so jealous and I can't wait to go to Idaho soon! I love the pictures.