Sunday, December 2, 2012

Conner's Thanksgiving feast


This is Conner at his little concert they put on for the parents for Thanksgiving. He was so excited about the songs and would walk around the house singing them. He made a pilgrim costume as well. He wore them for days afterward and  I was constantly taping the vest back together.

Here is some of his awesome art work on the headband.

G&G Snow came to visit for 3 days because Grandpa had a seminar in Monterey. Conner was so excited that Grandma was coming to his class to see him sing and eat at the feast with him.
You can see him way in the back row on the right if you look really hard for the yellow shirt.

We had Julia with us for the day it was great. We enjoyed the feast they had after. We really have alot to be grateful for. I am grateful for Conner's love of learning and how excited he gets. He can be quiet at times and it makes you wonder what he is really thinking, but when he does talk I get a kick out of what he says. He has a smile that brightens my day and I enjoy hearing about what he does at school every day. He is always making cards for Kate. Whenever you ask him questions he just shrugs his shoulders and that means yes, no, and I don't know. I didn't realize he was doing it that much until a neighbor had him over and she asked him if he wanted something to eat and he just shrugged his shoulders. She asked me what that meant and I told her not to worry about it he does it all of the time. He is quite the kid.

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