Sunday, November 18, 2012

Miss Kate

Kate made this turkey in preschool. I love her responses as to what she is grateful for. 1. Mom and Dad saying I am beautiful. 2. Mom and Dad be so happy about me. 3. Dad kissing me and hugging me. 4. Dad giving me a popsicle and candy. 5. Mom go shopping. 6. Dad go shopping. 7. Love boys do homework. We love our Kate.

We have been working really hard to get Kate to write her name. The "k" was really hard for her to do, but we finally got it one day. Yeah!
I bought a wand curling iron and had fun curling Kate's hair for church. She loved and would touch it and thought it was so cute. Her hair is getting long and such a pain to comb and she hardly likes things in it, but alas she things she is beautiful and that is important.

This is some of her preschool artwork. She loves doing preschool and would cut and paint all day if I let her. I love our group this year of 5 kids. They are really into it and Kate loves her friend Shona especially.

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