Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cooper 7 months

Cooper is already 7 months. This kid is busy and all boy. He weighs 14"15 pounds. He loved hanging out with us outside when we were raking the front lawn and Conner kindly shared his fireman hat.

Conner loved pushing him in the truck around the front lawn. Cooper didn't seem to mind it because he could'nt move. Conner did it for awhile he is a great brother.

  • He is just busy that is enough said about it.
  • Cooper now has 6 teeth 4 on top and 2 on bottom. They seemed to just come all at once.
  • Oh he loves to eat but he is not fun to feed. He has to take every bite out of his mouth that you give him. He is always hungry and if you have food he wants a bite of it. I have to wait till my food is ready to put him up to the table so that I can focus on feeding him. Then if I don't clean up under his chair he will crawl under the table and finish the rest. He never chews either he just swallows the food.
  • He loves the stairs and escapes for them any chance he get. He is a quick crawler. If we leave the back door open he will climb out even if the step drops down.
  • Loves to be outside with his brothers but he eats rocks, dirts or anything he can find. I have to smile everytime I pick him up because he always has dirt on his face. He likes to eat my fica tree, my real one and fake one and the dirt is always all over the floor.
  • Loves to Smile and play. When he gets all excited he kicks his feet and laughs and acts like he just wants to go.
  • Basically we think he is the cutest kid out there and in those rare moments when he lays his head on our shoulder we savour it.  The kids think he is the greatest thing ever and love to hold him. His life is always in peril. Either he is eating or doing something he shouldn't. Or Kate is carrying him down the stairs or other kids are kindly trying to help him. He is one tough kid and has been through alot already.

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Michelle Y. said...

He is getting so big! I'm sad we won't see you for Thanksgiving. Maybe we can come by when we are in CA?