Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Day!

We had the Holmes over for FHE to carve pumpkins. That had huge pumpkins from Mason's Mom's garden that our Walmart ones couldn't compete with.

This kids were excited to wear their costumes to school even Kate had to dress up and she couldn't figure out why they wouldn't let her go in Conner's class. She kept saying but there are other girls in there why can't I go.

It is my week to walk the kids to school we trade off taking kids with our neighbors Kelly Porter and her kids Liam and Lauren.
Liam and Conner are in the same class. Liam kept his helmet on the whole time we walked to school and was very much in character. Funny kid! Atleast Conner wore the headband instead of his Yankee hat that he wore for the trunk or treat.

We walked back to school to watch the kids walk by in a parade. People kept commenting on how cute Kate looked. She would smile really big at me and gloat over people telling her how beautiful she was and loving every minute of it.

Justin was a hunter and was so stocked about the hat I bought him and he kindof made up his own outfit and spent hours carving bows. He looked pretty good.
Conner made a good Karate kid and his buddie Sam Monson from our ward was a Zoombie.

Taylor wanted to be Paul Revere and was very set on the idea. We bought his costume online but the hat was terrible but he loved the rest of the costume. He said he couldn't smile because that would be out of character.
Kate and her friend Lucy very much enjoyed the parade.

Taylor's teacher Mrs. Balko was Auntie Claus.
Justin's teacher was Ms. Gee the Hippy!
Cooper made a cute cow!

Conner's teacher Mrs. Rainey looked good at as a witch.
Justin worked hard on his bow. He made 2 or 3 of them and asked every night if Jon was home so he could carve his bow. We spray painted it gold and he made the string he put on it.
Kate was excited to be going trick or treating.

Hailey and Liam and Lauren and their families came with us.
Cooper is so cute and was not very excited about his hat.

The whole clan.

Taylor got this bayonete when he went back east with Jon's Mom. She let Taylor buy this at Gettysburg. It is huge and doesn't come out much, but he was excited about it.

They trade candy like they trade baseball cards. They are always dumped all over the ground and poor Cooper was right in the middle of it all.


lisa said...

Looks like a party! Loved how your kids personalities went so well with their costumes! For the most part! Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see this Clan Soon!

Michelle Y. said...

That is so cute Taylor wanted to be Paul Revere :) We can't wait to see you guys!