Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patches

We went to the pumpkin patch with Kate's preschool group. Niko helped me make a skirt for Shonah the day before so they could match. I brought Hailey with us just for fun. Everyone commented on their cute skirts. Courtney Wong is new to our group. We went on a hay ride through the corn maze. We sure had a good time and it was a gorgeous day.

The kids loved playing in the corn pit. I found corn everywhere after that.

Did I mention everywhere?
She loved pullling the wagon around to pick her pumpkin. I love the purple shirts they had on.

I had Cooper in the snugglie but he was getting heavy so I decided to put him in the corn pit. He loved it but I couldn't keep the kernels out of his mouth. I had to get in the pit with him and he crawled and climbed all over. The corn got stuck in the craziest places.

We drove to Fremont to another pumpkin patch with our good friends the Blacks. It was a party.
The kids enjoyed running through the hay maze and being chased by their Dad.

How can you not smile when you see this kid?
My Dad should build one of these on the farm. Pretty awesome.

The kids enjoyed climbing on the tractor. Jon thinks this should be the next thing we put in our backyard for the kids to play on. I can't imagine how we would get rid of it when we get done with it. Let's just go to Idaho to play on Grandpa's tractors.
Clark, Dawn, Emma and Eugene are such an awesome family. We enjoyed going with them to the pumpkin patch.

Kate loves her skirt and is showing it off.

We went on a hay ride through the fields to see what they grow there. Loved it.

Cooper loved being out in the straw and climbing all over the huge pumpkins.

We love this kid and his big smiles and little overalls. It was a fun day to get out. I love fall and I love getting pictures at the pumpkin patches.


Kimberli K Yost said...

I love the cute skirts for the girls. Finding all that corn reminded me of cotton seed. Our poor mom must have found that everywhere.

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Cooper looks adorable in those overalls. I also loved the pictures of Kate. I remember when we came to your house. It was awesome. I need to make it a tradition to come to your house in OcT. Maybe next year.

lisa said...

Loved this post! How fun to have a corn kernal pit! May be better than a sand pit...? :) I like the idea of a tractor in the backyard! I'm sure dad could find you one. :) Cute kids, can't believe how long Kate's hair is getting! And I think I better practice my spanish with the squirrels then. :) Love your cute kids!