Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend with the Snow's

Jon's boss gave him two extra days off last week because he has been working like crazy. We took the kids out half day Thursday and drove to LA for the weekend. We loved seeing Jon's family and we always enjoy seeing Tim and Kim and Vanessa were there as well. It was such a nice break and they were a blast to be with.

The kids always maul Grandpa when he comes home and he is always so good to them. He said he goes to gym for our kids so he can keep up with them and play with them.
Cooper of course is always in the middle of it.

Justin showing off his new rope he made. Jon bought him yarn at Walmart and he was so excited to do this.
Conner loves this hat even though it isn't a kid hat and his little ears poke out. He takes this everywhere he is a big fan of the yankee's.

I can't get enough of Conner in his hat.

We drove to Steve and Gena's to see their new house Friday and Saturday. It was alot of fun. The kids enjoyed swimming going to a soccer game and just being with their cousins.

We even put Cooper in the water and he loved it. He would splash his arms in the water and get his face all wet and didn't seem to mind.
We brought their kids a whole box of baseball cards and they spent a long time just looking through them. Of course they had to dump them out all over the floor.

Ben had a soccer game so we took Josh with us back to G&G Snow's. He was funny he was all bugged when Conner fell asleep and layed on his shoulder. Then he fell asleep and layed on Conner's shoulder. They were all so tired. It was alot of traveling. Steve and Gena live 2 hours from Jon's folks but it was worth it to see them.
Cooper loved McQueen and was trying to play with him. Cooper always has his mouth open which gave McQueen liberty to lick his mouth. Gross but he didn't seem to mind at all.

We loved seeing Vanessa who is 7 days younger than Cooper. She was just as busy as he was climbing crawling all over.

Just getting a picture of these two wasn't easy. We had them sitting and then standing on the chair and then finally climbing out of the chair. She is a doll and was so good natured. I am so glad we got to spend time with them. Kate loved Kim giving her all of the girl attention.
Kate loved blowing bubbles and kept talking about how big she was to be able to blow them herself. She took them everywhere and ended up dumping bubbles on the floor, car you name it. Lots of fun. We were glad we could spend time with family. It was fun to see the model of the new house they are building and are moving in December.

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