Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conner's love of school

Conner loves kindergarden. He came home with this project the other day. Whenever I pick him up he has to to pull out all of his stuff he has done that day to show me. We're always in the way with our big stroller but he pulls everything out right there because he is so excited. I love that his teacher drew a smilely face on his finger for a worm. It came off later so what did I do I drew another face on with a sharpie. I don't know if that was the best idea. I gave him a cubby below by bench to keep his school work in. I told him to pick his favorite pages because I can't keep all of his school work. He told me he wants everything and he is going to save all of his school work for the whole year. Yikes. He loves that he has homework and he always wants to do extra and he is very particular about it. It has to be done right or he will do it over and over.  He is a great kit. He loves to do art and is always drawing Kate pictures at school.  I love his big smiles and the battles I have over clothes. He always wears the same shirt, but we love this kid.


Mindy Gulbranson said...

Oh Cami a kid that takes after you. It cracks me up that he wants to save everything. I remember you collected all those pictures of ceramic dolls from magazines. This is only the beginning. :).

lisa said...

I love that he is so excited about school. I hope Chade gets that excited! Such a cute idea! Love that kid!