Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cooper six month's

Cooper's six month stats.
25 1/2-height-25%
13"11 weight -5%
43" head circumfrance-50%

Cooper is such a cute kid to have around. My friend Marianne said, " I love being around Cooper because he makes me smile." He does he is such a little kid and it is fun to see him get around. He loves to climb up my bookshelfs in the playroom. They were the first thing he learned to climb up and he has since moved on. He was climing up things before he could even sit very well. He just by passed that important step in his development. This kid loves to eat and if you don't feed him fast enough he will pound his hands on the table until you feed him. The big problem is he doesn't even chew anything you give him. He is so observant and knows when we are eating. He has found the stairs and loves to climb up them and looks back at you on each step like he is so proud of himself. We just love him and he is so fun to have around. The kids can never seem to get enough of him and are always wanting him to smile. He has figured out that if he cries really loud like he is hurt we will pay attention to him even though he isn't hurt. He is quite the kid and is so busy but we love him so much. Our doctor said to put some olive oil on his food to put some weight on him. He is just like my other kids though so I am not worried.

He loves to be outside. So we let him play on the slide and he started climbing up the slide and got half way up by himself. He loves to crawl on the grass but he eats everything. He can't seem to put his little puffs in his mouth when I feed him at this chair but if you put him outside he manages to get everything in his mouth.
Cooper found his friend in the mirror one day and he was entertained by him for hours. He loved it. He was cracking me up.
Cooper always has his mouth open. Maybe he thinks he can get more food that way.


Tonja said...

What a cutie! Looks like your weekend getaway was awesome!

lisa said...

Oh he is such a stud! I still can't believe he is climbing up all over stuff. We can't even get Brex to stand on his legs yet...:) Can't wait to see you guys in a bit!