Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snow happenings!

This is all of us sitting up in the quirky room listening to a baseball game. We have become huge fans of the Oakland A's. They did awesome and played the Tigers in the playoffs. We let the kids stay up till like 10:00 to listen to the game 2 nights in a row. Because we don't have a TV we turned on the radio and followed it on the internet. Conner was tired so when I told him to go the bed he just melted because he wanted to listen so we all sat up in the quirky room and he did fall asleep. They played 5 games. Lost the first two, won the next two and lost the last one. It was super intense and alot of fun and the kids were so excited about it. I found I was stressed out for them the second game so it wasn't as enjoyable. It was fun! I loved seeing how excited the kids got and watching them follow it on the internet and when we were driving in the car we had to have it on the radio to catch it all.

This is the kids conducting the music during General Conference. Taylor started it and the rest were very into it. I loved listening to Conference this year. I am so grateful we have Conference. It was neat to hear Justin tell our neighbor about conference when she asked what he had done for the weekend. She asked me the same question and I am glad I told her about Conference, because she said that Justin was also talking about it. I loved the talk, I love our prophet and am so grateful for the gospel.

Niko and I had fun sewing the girls Halloween skirts last week. I have loved my new machine and have loved sewing. I find it doesn't always turn out like I plan, but I am learning. I have made 3 skirts, a play pen sheet and hopefully more to come. Oh and my new machine is awesome.
Our good friends Marci, Bailey and Conner Bryson moved to Washington last week. We have become such good friends with these guys. They are so good to the kids and just love them. We did FHE with them and dinner I don't know how many times. They have been through alot, but we just love them. I am glad we have keep in touch with them since we moved to San Ramon. We have gone to Conner's baptism and Jon took him to father's and sons and we did a ton with them this summer. I am super sad they moved and love them dearly.


Michelle Y. said...

I love the updates on your blog. Cute Halloween skirt for Kate and Cooper is getting so big! See you next month!

lisa said...

I love the quirky room! I love that your kids listened to it on the radio, awesome! Cooper is stinkin' cute!