Saturday, September 8, 2012


Justin lost his top tooth finally. He waited so long that the other tooth was already down. That made it hard for him to get his tooth out. He tried and tried one afternoon until finally Jon had to pull it out. Now he looks like his cousin Ben. He already has big plans for his dollar. This is our month for teeth Conner has his first lost tooth and Jon got 2 of his wisdom teeth pulled out. He wanted them to save them for him so he could put them under his pillow. Jon told the kids he wanted a new bike. Good luck with that one buddie. Sorry no pictures of Jon. He actually did really well afterwards and didn't have any swelling. I pulled Conner's bottom tooth out. Poor kid has had such a hard time eating. He wants to go to the store to buy a Hex bug with his money he will get tonight. We should be richer this month will all of the teeth we have lost in our house.

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