Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Weekend.

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Jon has been so busy with work and we were trying to head to LA for the weekend, but it was just too crazy. Steve and Gena decided to come with their three boys for the weekend. That was so awesome of them especially since Steve was sick most of the time with strep. It was fun and relaxing after a long week. Justin loved playing with Ben. I enjoyed shopping for alittle bit with Gena to get a stroller for Cooper. I was pushing him around in Kate's old pink stroller and people thought he was a girl. My neighbor remarked, "doesn't he look like a doll." Aggh. Another lady in the store thought that Kate was pushing her doll around and didn't realize it was real baby. So I bought a jogging stroller that I love and haven't had any girl comments. They stayed through Tuesday and they were able to get in one bike ride, go to Half Books and the Black Hawk Car museum. We were so glad they made the effort to drive 7 hours to come and visit. The kids are great together and love their cousins.

I bought the Konad nail art kit and while I was doing my nails the boys wanted a stamp so I gave them one. Who knew it could be used for boys and girls. It has been fun to do them and Gena had fun learning how to stamp them with me and Kate wanted a different design on every finger and toenail.
Jon took all six boys to the baseball store Saturday and he sat and traded cards with them. Jon also took Taylor to a baseball game Friday along with Hunter and his Dad Mason(the real reason we stayed is so he could go to the game, he has really loved going to them.) 

Jon loves his girl and bought her a balloon when he took her to the store to get a smoothie for Uncle Steve.
Cooper was getting a ride in his toy Cooper from Conner and Evan. Conner was concerned his feet were all dirty after he was pushing him around with his feet dragging underneath him.

Their creation outside. I think Conner made another fire pit.
They spent alot of time breaking rocks to make what they call "Crystals." They think they can sell them later to get money. My boys also had their cousins hunting for squirrels. When we were eating dinner or just talking in the house it was not uncommon for one the them to yell, "squirrel" at random times. It reminds me of the movie UP. Some more traps were set as well but nothing came of it much to their disappointment.

They loved just playing air hockey, tether ball in the backyard.

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