Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cooper 5 months

This little guy has such a big smile. He has grown up so much this month. Check out his hair growth.  He loves blankets he must be a Yost. He is so cute and loves to bury his face in the blanket whenever we give him one.

He loves to be outside and crawl on the grass and eat leaves, rocks and anything he can find.
This month he went from learning how to crawl by getting up all on our fours and pushing with his back legs until he fell on his stomach to full out crawling. From there he was determined not to stop. I went to get him out of bed and he had somehow climbed up the side of the bassinet part on his play pen. I took it out and lowered it because I was afraid that he was going to fall out. Crazy kid. He also climbs up the bookshelf and he has long mastered the diaper caddy. He loves to play in the playroom but he won't stay in there. He comes out the door and you can hear his little hands and feet hit the hardwood floor so he can come and find us. He hasn't found our stairs yet. I am not looking forward to it. The kids love to lay on their stomachs and let you crawl all over them. They all love to carry you even Kate and for awhile I thought you were just crawling fast but they were just moving you around. You have learned to sit up really well and it makes you look so much bigger.

He has found his new love. FOOD. We started with cereal but you didn't really like it. You are usually pretty fussy during dinner and I am always holding you. So one time Jon gave you some corn kernels and you loved it and did pretty good with your two teeth. Since then you love to eat and will eat anything. You still aren't a big fan of being spoon feed. You must have refined taste buds or something like that. I can't give you food fast enough you get so excited about it. We love your big smile. You aren't the best sleeper it just depends on the night though. I run at six in the morning so I like to feed you before I go so maybe I have trained you to get up at five. You are such a light sleeper and sleep in our walk in closet. Dad wakes you up every day by getting his clothes out. You are so loved by your brothers and Kate. You are so observant and nothing gets past you. You can pull a plate of food off of the table if I turn my head for a second and Dad has lost his glasses a few times. We love you Cooper and are so glad you are in our family. You make all of us smile when we see you.

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lisa said...

Cannot believe he is standing up in the pack and play! He is such a cutie and He has such a cute smile I love it!