Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

An enthusiastic smile from our favorite 3rd grader Taylor. He has Mrs Balko this year. He was excited to hear that her son is named Taylor Jonathan and she has a dog named Cooper. Taylor told he has a member of his family named Cooper and of course she thought it was a dog. She asked him if he thought it was hard to be the oldest in his family and he said no. She also asked if our house is chaotic(they are practicing their vocabulary words) to which he also replied no. He really likes school and does well but he would never tell us that. Our schedule is alittle bit crazy. Conner goes from 8:15-11:40. Taylor starts at 8:40-3:00 and Justin goes from 8:40-2:00 the first two weeks of school until they decide on what they call slip reading. Half of the class starts later so they can help them with their reading. We found out this week he goes from 9:26-3:00. Which I was excited about because he can walk home with Taylor. This is the second year they have walked home by themselves, but I keep getting comments from neighbors because they walk with their kids home. He does walk with Hunter our neighbor and it is only two blocks, but I know Heavenly Father is taking care of them and helping me to worry less about them.  It is nice to let Kate and Cooper nap and not have to drag them to school in the afternoon.  I have three different start times one more than last year, but I think this will work out okay. Not all schools have slip reading like our school does. I am so glad we are so close to the school and it is nice to be able to do an errand with just two kids in the morning before Conner gets home.

Justin has the same teacher as last year. Ms. Gee and Mrs. Craig and alot of the same kids are in his class as last year. He loves school and he told me his first day was so much fun. My favorite story was when when Kate left her pink purse on the bench on the playground. I walked to Taylor's class to meet his teacher and when we came back it was gone. I wondered if Justin had picked it up. After school when I asked him about it all he said was, "Oh I was so embarassed everyone saw me put it in my backpack and asked if that was mine." Kate thinks he is the greatest brother ever for saving his snack that was inside of the purse. He is a great kid.
Jon came to school with us. Yeah! We our quite the crowd.

Kate had to get dressed up just like they did. In fact when I walked in the class with Conner his teacher she asked which one was the kindergardener. Kate still asks if she can stay.
Conner looked big with all of his brothers and their backpacks walking the two blocks to school. I am so glad we live close. In fact we can make it in 5 minutes running the whole way though. We were not trying to break any speed records we just left late a few days or weeks in a row.

Cooper loves being in the snugglie. Conner sure looks cute and he had all of his clothes laid out on the bed minus his underwear. He folded them all nicely and has laid them out the first three days of school.
I stayed in his class with Kate for 20 minutes while Jon took the other kids. He colored a picture for his teacher. His teacher is Mrs. Rainey.

This is the face he gave me when it was time for me to leave. " I am brave, I am handsome, I am smart is what he was trying to tell himself." He did good. I was worried he does have a hard time leaving home, but he did great. I love his little details he tells me every day when we walk home from school.  Mom, did I tell you we speak spanish in my class, Mom I forgot to tell you we watched a movie. All day long he tells me details. I love it and he loves going which is great, but I do miss him at home and so does Kate. How did he grow up so fast?
This is his drawing stick figures with swords. Awesome.


Tonja said...

Wow that is one busy post! That makes me tired just reading it! I'm glad you had a great summer and your kids are enjoying school!

lisa said...

Look at that stud Conner with his hair all done! Wish I was there with you to run the kids to school every morning, I sure enjoyed that! Soon enough it'll be my turn though. Too soon I'm sure. :)