Thursday, August 2, 2012

Taylor's baptism July 14, 2012

Taylor was baptized July 14 in the Danville stake center. We invited his school teacher Mrs. Owen's to come and she seemed really touched that he invited her. Jon's family was great to watch the kids so I was able to sit by her alot so she felt comfortable. It was great.

Tori and Wade Rhyne's our next door neighbors came as well with Elza, and Elin. We really have great neighbors. In fact all but one of our neighbors came that we invited and brought a card and gifts and were very thoughtful.
This is the only shot I got before the baptism. I sent Jon early with Taylor and tried to be on time. Between feeding Cooper, finshing dinner and printing my talk. I was almost late. Taylor was more calm than anyone. I wrote my talk that morning with Jon's help and was nervous I would forget it, so I put it in his duffle bag that he was taking. Conner was going through it but I didn't think much of it. Until Jon said they were waiting on him to start because he was tearing the bag apart to find the talk. I knew that would happen. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be thanks to an answer to prayer was able to remember the talk. There were six boys being baptized so my talk about the anti-lehi-nephites was perfect. Who knew a 5 minute talk could be so stressful?

It is hard to believe we have a son old enough to get baptized. He was very excited. His confirmation blessing was very neat. He is a great kid and I am super proud of him. He is a great older brother to his siblings. He is so good to remember to pray. We were at the park and he could'nt find his baseball glove. I told him to go and find it and I then alittle while later I look over and he is kneeling down saying a prayer. Then he found it. Justin said that Taylor always makes him pray when they can't find things in their seek and find computer game. He makes them stop and kneel down and pray so they can find them. He is such a good example.
This was most of our group that came. Marci, Connor and Bailey Bryson, the Travis family came from Visalia with their five kids, Dallin and Chad Lunt, G&G Snow, Julie and Jon Michelle Cornish, the Holmes, the Wests, teachers Brother and sister Black, the Zappattini's who took the pictures. I was really touched by all of the support we had from friends and family. We had a nacho bar afterward and people just kept dropping by. It was great. I couldn't have done it without Carolyn's help she was awesome.

Our best shot.
The Travis called us that morning and told us they were coming. David their son is Taylor's age and he stayed with us for a week. They are some of the greatest friends. Jon has him wearing beau ties as well. Sweet.


Tonja said...

Congratulations Taylor! I bet your talk was awesome!

lisa said...

Loved all the pictures! I'm glad things went so smoothly. :) I bet you did great on your talk as well! Congrats to cute Taylor!