Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooper 4 months

Thanks to Michelle for the awesome edit.
Here he is the cutest kid ever. His stats for 4 1/2 months.
                                              Weight- 12'12
                                               Head cir: 42 1/2
Milestones this month. He is close to crawling and can roll across the room to get toys or paper. He is starting to get up on his knees and kick with his legs. You are such a strong kid. You grab everything including my plate right off of the table. The kids thought that was the greatest thing. We have to always hold you face out so you can see what is going on. He loves to put everything in his mouth. The first time I tried to feed him cereal he was more interested in eating the bumbo seat. Note to self don't put him in the bumbo seat he has fallen out twice already. He has his two bottom teeth already. Hence the drooly, foamy stuff you always do. He is the earliest one of my kids to get teeth besides Conner who got his at 5 1/2 months. He has the biggest smile and nothing gets by him. If he hears me coming when he is one the ground he watches my every move. He loves to be held but is getting better at playing with toys. Taylor can't stand to have him cry one minute and is always rocking him until I come. Your hair is growing some if you look close.  Yeah! We just love you and when the boys were gone for a week. They didn't want to come home they just wanted you to come with them to Grandma's. Don't grow up too fast we sure love you and think you are practically perfect in every way.


Kimberli K Yost said...

I loved that first picture!! He is so cute!! The colors look really good.

Kimberli K Yost said...
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lisa said...

Oh, such a cute smile! You take such stellar pictures! Love the stats...My kid is bigger than yours. :)