Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I learned this year about washing machines that I should have known from last year....

This is a true story of woe and hardship (step over pioneers).

On Monday I was putting my fourth load of laundry in the washer. I remembered what my Mom said when I used her new washer in Idaho, "don't fill it so full the water level is lower." I forgot that I already had 4 towels in there, 2 sheets, 9 pairs of shorts, 2 tennis shoes, 11 renegade lego pieces, 6 princess pajama bottoms, 4 large rocks, 3 small rocks, 2 chicken feathers (fresh) and 1 crayon (which we luckily we found right before we hit the "start" button).  Its a wonder that anything ever comes out clean.  "It can handle it" I reasoned and was excited to fit almost all of the dirty laundry in the washer. I think it becomes some sort of a game to see how much laundry fits in there. A little while later Taylor said, "what is that noise?" I thought it was just the neighbors banging on something, but I should have known better. Later on I went to switch the laundry and realized to my utter horror and dismay; the laundry was soaking wet and the machine was broken.  DRAT! OH RUIN OH RACK! WHAT BUMMER IS THAT!

Almost a year ago I did the same thing by filling the washer too full. Jon did some research and sent me to town to get parts and then we spent many much sleepless hours disassembling the washing machine and reparing it.

So here we are again; almost a year to the day.  It was that same feeling you have when you break that tractor part that dad says has never been broken ever before; twice.  I thought I couldn't possibly break the same part....but I did. Jon spent Monday night making sure it was the same part. We didn't get the part until Wednesday night, so he spent Wednesday night fixing it (and in the meantime the hoards of the Phillistines continued to amass their tireless onslaught of dirty raiment).  He took the machine apart and I helped him put the new piece on. It took us until 1:30 in the morning and then we tried to wash a load and to our dismay it didn't sound right and started smelling like burned rubber.  DRAT!  OH RUIN OH RACK! WHAT BUMMER IS THAT! So on Thursday night I thought we would be shopping for a new machine, but while I ran to Target Jon took it apart again. He thought we didn't put the coupler piece on right...So we stayed up until 1:30 again.  When we got it all back together we found 2 screws on the ground.  At this point I heard Jon mumbled something under his breath about Antartica; but that is all I heard...And we had a choice at this point...Go to bed and pretend we didn't see those screws or take it apart again.  So we made the only sensible choice...Continue with our experiment on sleep deprivation.

Jon took it apart again and put the screws in and then we put in a load of wash. I have never been so grateful to hear the machine wash the clothes. AWESOME!  We were so excited that we even cleaned the washing machine.  Now every time I open it I feel like I have a new machine. Jon is amazing to even attempt to fix washing machines. I think he aspires to be like my Dad with his 8 washers stored at Berry's and be able to fix them regularly. What a great guy Jon is and he certainly wins husband of the year award for not complaining when I cause him more work.

So here is my take away lesson:  I learned it is nice to do smaller loads because it takes way less time to fold and put them away even though I have to do more loads.  THE END.

This is the coupler. Here is a link for further light reading.

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lisa said...

This was an awesome story! I've noticed I did the same thing until I went to mom's and used the new one...oh the lessons we are still learning. I try and fit as much into my dishwasher as possible...hopefully that won't backfire on me someday. :) And did you put that part about breaking the same part on the tractor twice that had never been broken before for me? :) Cause I did that last year. :)