Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kitchen remodel

The inspiration that started it all. I saw this picture in a kitchen remodel book from the library and thought it would look great in our kitchen. I asked a worker at home depot in the paint department and he said it would take someone doing it professionally for me to pull it off. I was discouraged but with Jon's encouragment we went to Kelly Moore and had them take the book to match the paint. I love how it turned out. My Mom warned me it would be alot of work and it sure was.

This is a picture of the wall paper before.
Sami Cregor stayed with me for a week. She needed volunteer hours as a nanny. That is what really started this, she helped take down the wall paper. We worked from like 10-6 to get it down.

It was easier than I thought it would be. We just sprayed it with water then scraped off the first layer and then sprayed more water to get the second layer. It was so great that most of it was textured already except for the computer area. So that saved us alot of time. Sami was a great worker and she kept working while I fed the kids and fed Cooper. I was so glad to have her. I don't know if I would've started this project without her.
We had fun with the kids. Sami was great. She was here for a week. She was always doing the dishes, making our bed while we were gone, giving Cooper a bath. She was pretty awesome. I could get used to having a nanny around.

I was so glad to have the back garage because I turned it into my paint shop.

This is what the drawers looked like before I put this glaze on top. It took us forever to find the right one to buy, but Jon found one at Home Depot. It made it look rustic and not so bright blue.
Jon was an awesome help. We spent a whole Saturday sanding the upper cabinets. I was tired of this project and discouraged. It took us three weeks of not sleeping. It was hard during the day between Cooper and the kids and trying to eat in the kitchen. We never went to be before 1:00 but we plugged through and finished.

The final project minus the knobs that came later thanks to Niko.
Jon even put bead board on the bottom of the island to make it match the computer cubby.

Jon picked the new knobs as well. I love them and was spared the agony of picking them.

This is shot of before. The cabinets were a golden oak color. Jon said it was his idea to do them. I just wanted to take the wall paper down. It had torn in spots and needed updating. It really brightened up the room.

Old wall paper. Sami said she could'nt stand the big watermelons they drove her crazy.

It turned out better than I thought it would. At times I had to ask myself, "Who has a blue kitchen and are we crazy for doing it blue?" I love how it looks and I think I almost forgot what a big job it was to pull it off. Ya gotta love house projects. They take more time than you think and cost more that you plan on.


Michelle Y. said...

I looks so amazing! I just went to a girls house in my ward and she has a cute country kitchen with blue cabinets like yours. I love it!

lisa said...

I love how much it brightened up that room!! Awesome! I'm going to have to come back down just to check out that kitchen! :) I love how it turned out, you guys did a great job!

Tonja said...

I love your kitchen! I love that color! You did a fantastic you hire out?!

jocie said...

I am so impressed - it looks awesome!