Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cooper 3 months

Oh little man we love you. He has learned how to smile and can do it on demand. He is always drooling or foaming as we call it. He learned how to sit up in the bumbo seat and is really strong. He also learned how to roll over on his stomach and play with toys. He has such sensitive skin and has big red welts everywhere. I will admit it didn't help that his Mom sunburned his bald head. He loves to take baths and he loves to lay there and relax in the water until he learned to roll and he found out he doesn't like to roll too much. He isn't one to chill by himself very long and wants you to hold him and protect him from Kate. He has these big long snow toes that are so cute. He loves to stare at you intently and he doesn't break the gaze. He is pretty good at getting out of his blankets even if I think I wrap him tightly he always finds a way. He sleeps from 10-5 usually. He loves to chew on anything we put close to his mouth. The kids love him to chew on their fingers, face, nose, etc. He is really a strong kid and I don't think it will take him long to start crawling. He is not very snugglie and you have to always turn him out so he can see what the kids are doing. I really hope that the longer I hold them the cleaning fairies will come and magically clean my house and do all the other things I need to get done. He is growing up too fast but we can never get enough of our little Cooper. The other night when Jon and I were leaving for a date. Jon asked me, "Are you taking Cooper?" This was one of the few times that we have left Coop. I thought he was talking about taking his car not our baby Cooper. Lets hope it doesn't get confusing later on. We sure love our little Cooper.

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