Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yost family Reunion

Cute Cooper is always smiling. He turned 4 months in Idaho.

All 25 grandkids getting pumped up for the family jeopardy.

Mom made up a game with questions like who broke the most farm equipment. I was glad Matt won but I guess I came in a pretty close second. I loved the questions about G&G Yost. For example the year they were married, where did they go on their honeymoon. It was alot of fun and the kids even enjoyed it as well.

We can never have enough pictures of this guy. I loved my Mom's idea to have us help them at the their house and clean things they couldn't do. We sure love them.

Jon cleaned the fruit room and I won't go into what he found in there. That's a new family secret. Let's just say it was empty.

Poor Grandma's arm was all bruised from her surgery on her shoulder. She fell a month ago, so we had to help them get around. Grandpa told me we have been married 60 years and she got the best of him, because she needed help getting out of her chair.
Yost Olympics. We competed in families and had to fill up milk buckets full of water. The kids loved it.

We had races to the top of the cotton seed bin. Kim beat all of us, even Michelle did it and so did Jon. Very Competitive we are.

We even had a race to see who could get the most milk out of a cow in a minute. Scott beat us all and Taylor wanted to try it.

Burning the string competion was fun as well.
Justin tried the milk as well. Yuck if you ask me.

Showing of our milk. Lisa did a great job making the shirts for everyone. Her  and Mom planned the first annual reunion.

Lisa was the first one to get a flint and steel fire. She was super fast. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get one and never did. I guess I will have to go back to Anasazi.
Dad took the boys plus Kim and Jaynee on a campout. Yeah! Jon loves to be able to fish with Dad.
This is what the kids did while we we cleaned at G&G's..

Addy loved Cooper and was always trying to hold him and apparently he is quite fond of her too and was trying to eat her dress.

All the siblings beside Nate. Oldest to Youngest.

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