Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th started out with the parade in Rupert. It was fun and the kids were worried about not getting candy but this girl gave them loads right at the beginning. Br. Garcia and Fabiola and her son Nathan came with us as well.

The kids enjoyed playing with water balloons in the yard and filling them up themselves.

Addy loved to get her toe nails painted and so did I. Thanks Kim!
Kate was so excieted when Kent and Jen's girls came. She just called all of them her "friends" and they loved her and hung out with her the whole time.

These three boys loved to have their own can of pop and felt like they were really living it up.
22 people from the Garcia family came that day and stayed overnight. It was quite the crowd to feed all 72 of us. Mom was awesome and just smiled and it was fun. Jon got a game going of water volleyball. Dad took them up the canal to raft down and they loved it.

Wacky six was a big hit as well with their kids.
Kent starting the fireworks early and loving every minute of it as he lite this whole package of black cats.

Kyle had a projector and we watched the family video Lisa made like 6 years ago with Brennan. Way fun!
This might be the only time Mom and Dad sat together and relaxed for five minutes. They always make it so fun to be home. We loved it.

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