Friday, July 13, 2012

Idaho fun

Boy did we ever have a great time in Idaho this year. Kim and I got our hair done from Melissa Heward/Greener. Kim went brunette and I did highlights. I think it looks great and she was fun to be around always holding kids and we sure love Matt.

This poor kitty.The kids literally loved it to death.
Poor Grandma was only trying to feed her cows but had lots of fun help from her grandkids. 25 total.

Justin got a lesson on braiding from Matt Taylor and loved it. Matt was excited to show Justin.

Grandma made three of the same blankets for Kate, Addy and Myanna. They seemed to always know which one was their own.
Cooper enjoying swimming on the the grass with his Dad.

Kim was always doing something fancy with her hair and nails and boy did the little girls love it.
We love Madeline. What a doll she is.

We seem to have an overabundance of flies to the point where Grandma was going to pay my boys for every fly they killed.

The older boys loved playing behind the house in the "Fort." They loved it and loved exploring. Taylor was really good to play with all of them despite the age difference.
Coop is such a chomper and will suck on anything. The boys love to put the faces close by his so he will chew on it.
Lisa and Jon made this for Scott. Boy was it good to see him. The kids loved having him around. It was the first time alot of us had seen him since he got back from his mission 6 months ago.

Favorite Quotes from the trip.
Grandma-What is your last name Addy?
Addy-Addy Yost.

Matt Taylor-telling Kim to just talk about her hair after she was bugging him to go faster because she was anxious to get home.

Kate-"Lay by me Mom and let's talk about princesses."

Kobe- Yost family get over here, oh wait a minute we are all Yost's.

Brians little voice yelling Maddie Sue. He really had the cutest little voice and he was always looking out for his sister.

Charles- his big smile and how he was attacking stuff animals. He was such a fast crawler. If it was an olympic sport he would win it.

Tallen- playing outside and somehow always ending up in the mud over and over and loving it. I loved watching him and Charlie putting ping pong balls in their mouth at the same time.

Addy-"Ask my Mom."
Natalie-"Ask your Mom what?
Addy-"if I can go outside. She asked Natalie and I the same question. "Ask my Mom."

Matt- confessing at Dairy Queen that he started the fire that Scott and Nate got in trouble for and reading Nate's paper about it.

Lisa's ticket confessing letter- this is the second year we have read in a row and laughed so hard. I think it gets funnier every year. "I cried myself to sleep and asked Heavenly Father to please take me back."  I love how Mom always whips it out as if it is stored in a sacred spot to be read when we need a good laugh.

What good memories we had. I really am blessed with the best family and thanks to Mom and Dad for making this a great trip. It was amazing to get all 44 of us together. We loved it.

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