Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taylor's 8th b-day


Taylor's party at the Jensen's spa trying to prove that 11 kids can swim at the same time. Marianne let us use her house for Taylor's party. His b-day was the last day of school. We had pizza, cobbler and let the kids swim. It was a lot of fun.
Julia hung out with us for the day and her Mom brought the most awesome looking donuts. Kate just wanted to pick off the candy on top.

He loved his Mad Gabs. His favorite was when Justin put the word Pizza followed by hut. He couldn't stop laughing.  

Brendan, Griffin, and Ethan a few of Taylor's friends in his class.

His teacher Mrs. Owens. She was great and always complimenting Taylor and I felt like she really pushed him.
. Taylor loved his blueberry cobbler. This kid loves blueberries, dislikes coconut, hot dogs, and strawberries.  
Taylor loves Cameron and Gabe even though they are older than he is.
Taylor's primary teachers gave him an FHE lesson to do and he was so excited about it. He loves being incharge and did a great job. So we told him he could do it every other week. This was a lesson he made up. I was pretty impressed he took it serious. He even came up the game four corners and loved it. We had two other familes over and they thought it was so fun.
His testimony is very sweet.
He got scripures, Harry Potter clue, cards, baseball book, mad gabs, and scout shirt compliments of Grandma Yost.

He told us that his favorite color was brown he changed it to the that last Novemeber and he didn't tell anyone. Taylor loves to ask us questions, what kind of animal would you be and why,  what is your favorite reptile, mamamal, etc. He reads awesome and would love to sit and read all day. He is excited for his baptism next month. He loves Cooper and will sit him up and hold him and pat his back until he stops crying. He is a great brother to Cooper.  We love you Taylor.

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