Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 7th B-day Justin

Justin was so excited for his birthday. He got a pack of basketball cards, books, breck baseball guide he wants to know what each card is worth, some thread to make friendship bracelets and a clipboard to hold them on, Joe Dimaggio card and I made him an Elvis pillowcase. He is one Lucky Kid.
Here is his first attempt at doing a bracelet. He had this book someone passed down to us so Jon thought it would be a great idea to have him learn how to make them. For school each of the kids had to do a talent for the talent show and Justin said he wanted to dance. He showed me some of the moves he had made up and then I suggested maybe he do something different like show them his finger weaving and make his teacher a necklace. He thought it was great and he said that he had the best talent ever. I think it was probably the most original one out there. He makes us smile.
We had the Monson's over for dinner for his birthday with their three boys Sam, Nate and Eli. Justin was excited about his dirt cake with gummy worms in it. Justin told me he was so excited to have his birthday on Sunday and that this was the best b-day ever.
Their new favorite thing to do. It all started with Justin picking up a pile of baseball cards at a yard sale. Then Jon has gotten them binders and more and more cards. They go to the card store every Saturday and they love to trade cards with each other. I don't know who gets more excited about opening cards the boys or their Dad. We used it as a way for the them to get rewards for spelling tests, math tests and they love collecting them.
Grandma Yost sent him books to collect quarters, nickels. This is so perfect for him and he loves it.
His friend Ernest from school. He loves this kid.
His teacher Ms. Gee was awesome and he really had a great class.
Some of the kids in his class Sergio, Surya, Ernest
His friend Maddox.
They had what they call Camp Skeeter the last week of school and they had a tent in their class and everything. Justin is very creative and I love to see the things he creates. He is always up early and dressed before anyone else. He claims he can't wait to go to Idaho because he wants to stay up all night like Grandpa. He loves to get up early and wander around the farm helping his Grandpa and he said he has woken up before Grandpa. Justin told us this one day, " I am really good at riding horses just like I am good at everything else." He was very disappointed when Jon told him that "man from snowy river" wasn't a true story. Jon quicky recovered that statement with maybe it was written after a book. He is very athletic and loves to play tetherball. We have yet to find many people who can beat him. He is so good to help me and has been great at taking care of our baby chicks. We love Justin and are glad he is in our family.


lisa said...

What a stud. I loved this! I love that they are so into collecting the cards, what a great father-son thing! I love that he wanted to dance for the talent show, what an awesome kid! Can't wait to see you guys!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

He cracks me up. I would love to see his dance moves. He should teach Gavyn how to make a necklace.