Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jelly Belly

We took Elyse with us to the Jelly Belly Factory.  Conner gets most excited about the candy. They had fun listening to the tour and poor Elyse got so tired of lifting them up to see. She was a blast to have around and great with the kids.

Even Cooper enjoyed himself and stayed awake for the tour. He is such a great kid.

We took Elyse to get a pedicure before we went to the Jelly Belly Factory. Kate thought it was great when I got the same color as she did and a flower to match it. So then Elyse had to get a flower too. Mine lasted an hour before my big toe smeared and same with Kate, but oh how I loved it. We were kindof a crowd with Cooper, and Conner with us as well. Kate loved it and her toes look great even if she has too warts on them.

She was so great to help with the kids and was always picking up Cooper.
These guys are great and a blast to have around and put up with the kids wrestling them. We are so glad that Elyse is in our family and are keeping our fingers crossed that they move by us.

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Kimberli K Yost said...

Looks like a blast. It looks like Kate is going to have a party with Grandpa out in the barn with those warts, Lucky her.

Matt was wondering where Conner got his beads. He seems to really like them. I think he was wearing them when we talked to you on face time. Funny kid!