Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial weekend

Matt and Elyse came for a visit from AZ to check out residency for pediatry school. We went to the tour the USS Hornet a retired aircraft carrier in Alameda. This is the a side shot of the ship. It was huge.

The kids enjoyed looking at the planes on the flight deck with their friend Connor Bryson.
We took our friends Dawn and Clark Black with their two kids Eugene and Emma. They are both in the navy and have been on ships before and it was like having our own tour guides. They are great.
Justin enjoying his new Yankee's hat. We were bummed it was an adult size when we ordered a youth. I just hope his ears just don't stay like that.

The kids all got to sit in the captains chair when we went to the control room.

The stairs were so steep going between levels. I think the Blacks said there are 18 levels. We were lucky enough to only go on 2 of them with the kids. They didn't last long.
The control room it was awesome.

This is Apollo 11. The USS Hornet picked them up from the ocean. Awesome.

The kids enjoyed trying to climb this rope. Kate thought it was a swing and Justin was doing a great job. I thought he would make it the top.
We enjoyed the awesome view of the bay and San Francisco.

This was a replica of the astronauts walking from their shuttle to a trailer that they were quarantined in because they were afraid they had something.

It was fun to go. I think the kids enjoyed it and nobody fell off the side. It was huge we could've stayed longer but the kids were done after a couple of hours there. It is another reminder of the great country we live in and the people who serve to protect it.

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lisa said...

How fun! You guys are always finding great stuff to do with the kiddos and company!