Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Idaho fun

The boys found a bird feather and then Kobe helped them make arrows. Gross if you ask me.

Misti and Jack hung out with us for the day and even did a late night Dairy Queen run. She is excited about moving to Colorado because of Canon's new job. Awesome for them.
We drove to Pocatello to see Julie, Phil and Robert. Fun times at the zoo.

She was good at getting Cooper to laugh. It was fun to see them and hang out with them for the afternoon.
Conner was so excited about the buffalo he saw at the zoo that we had to take a picture of them.
Justin thought it was fun to let the baby calves suck on his feet.

The kids love helping Grandma feed her "babies" is what she calls them on Sunday nights. Conner an Gavyn were best of friends.
Grandpa showed Justin how to make a haulter for the cows. He brought plenty of rope home to make more at our house. He loved it.

Natalie made these cute beau ties for Cooper and Brex. Thanks we loved them.

We love our Grandpa.

Grandma was looking alot better when we left. We loved spending time with them.
We had to do a sister picture. Yes I do have the best sisters.

We made Addy a dress to match Kate's. Luckily Mom was good to help finish it.
For FHE we acted out scripture stories. I am not sure what Conner and Taylor were suposed to be. Let's just say they had fun.

Kate was Mohana from Johnny Lingo.
We made Dad do his famous song and boy is is great and impressive that he can remember how to do it.

Matt was Johnny Lingo.

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