Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little chicks

Meet Snowball.

Meet Bubble Bubble Gum

Meet Falcon#1

He is so smart he knows what is going and is afraid they are going to poop on his head.

Meet Falcon Princess.

The chicks were thrilled to take a ride in the back of a trike.

Justin wanted to make their box more exciting and decided to put two smaller boxes inside of the big box with holes in them to pass between the two. "Could life get more exciting for 5 baby chicks.

Our friend Ed Zappateni(the kids had a field day with his name) in our ward had the grand idea to provide families in the ward with chicken starter kits so they could raise chickens. The greatest thing is that when they get too big we take them to Ed and he lives on 2 acres and will keep them in a big cage and then if we want eggs all we have to do is go and visit him. He was so awesome and made the wire top gave us a light and feeders, food and sawdust. The kids were so excited when we went and bought the chicks for 3 dollars a piece. Falcon number 1 didn't make it through the first day. I am glad I bought an extra one. They are so entertained by them and love to hold them all day. Justin is so responsible and checks their water and told me I had to get up every hour the first night to check on them. It has been so fun to have them and even Cooper doesn't mind the upclose view of them as the kids put them in his face. The kids don't even seem to mind that they poop on them. I can't remember the names of the different kinds but the colors are pretty cool and it helps them to know which ones is theirs. They are the greatest pets so far.

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lisa said...

So awesome! I can just imagine how thrilled your kids are! You're going to end up having a mini farm in that garage of your before you know it. :) Loved the one of the chick on Coopers head!