Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kate is 3

For Kate's b-day I took her and her friends Shonah and Emily to get a pedicure and yogurt. They loved it and had a blast picking out their own color and sat so very still while they painted and loved their  flowers. They were so cute in their flip flops and were so excited about it. It was only five dollars for the pedicure and I figured that even if it smeared before we got in the car it would be worth it.

We decorated her room after she went to bed and she was so excited about all of the balloons and crate paper.

I also made a pancake cake for breaksfast(thanks for the ideas Lisa.)
She got a beach towel, Snow White Legos and Polly Pocket dolls with shoes. My favorite thing was watching all of the boys sit and play with her. They were putting shoes on the dolls and acting like they loved it as much as she did. She sure has great brothers.

She is learning to put up 3 fingers now and boy it is tough.
Her Dad was so sweet and brought her home pink flowers.
I can't believe she is already 3. Here are a few highlights for Kate.
  • She is very coordinated and can ride her princess bike with training wheels and is very fast on her scooter. There is nothing she thinks she can't do.
  • She thinks she is a princess. She was dancing to some music and told her Dad to come and dance with her because she needed a prince to dance.
  • She is very independent and turned on the washer for me because she wanted to wash her dress. I am not even sure how she figured out how to turn it on.
  • She loves shoes, purses and anything pink or girly and is always putting her dolls in purses and hauling them everywhere.
  • She loves Cooper and is always giving him kisses and is excited about everything he does even if it is just opening his eyes.
  • When you ask her what she wants to do today her reply is always the same. "I want to go shopping." She is not easy to take shopping but loves to go.
  • She is stubborn and very determined to do things her way and is sure she can do anything she wants.  I am sure that she is diagnosed with DO(disobedient syndrome) as Doctor Kyle said.
  • She loves to play with Conner and can get him to play with her dolls and much as she plays with his legos.
We love her though with all her personality and kind heart.


alison said...

Wow! Kate is one lucky girl. I have 30 years on her and I've never had a pedicure :) What a cute idea, Cami!!! She is definitely a princess!

We have a package sitting on the counter for Kate and Conner. Maybe- just maybe- it will get there in time for Conner's b-day. I don't know why I have such a problem with getting to the post office!

We sure love you guys!

lisa said...

So cute! That cute little face of hers is just beaming in about every picture! That was so sweet of Jon to get her flowers, and I thought the decorations and pancake stack were fabulous! I'm so excited for Chade's birthday now!

jocie said...

Okay, you are the cutest mom ever. I'm so putting that on my list of things to look forward to doing with my little ladies when they are a bit older. Pedis and yogurt sounds perfect.