Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conner is 5

Conner turned 5 and is learning to write his name and does an great job.
His favorite color-green
favorite food- cream of tuna
favorite movie-Cars
favorite thing to do-color
favorite place to go-car museum
favorite candy-star wars(starburst), ring suckers
favorite thing to do is smile big.

We decorated his room and bed.

He picked out this soceer jersey and was so excited about it.

He got his own binder to put his baseball cards in. They are really getting excited about collecting their own cards and have been trading with each other.

He was also excited about his new pajamas he got and loved the cheesecake with strawberries.

We spent the next day putting together his new LEGO set and spent hours racing the boats in water with his brothers.

We had a little party with his 2 friends Jace and Tiarnen at the park. They have b-days all within days of each other. They are quite the pair together.
This is what a day in the life of Conner is like. He always has to have a jacket on and usually wears the hood on as well. He has to always have his "stuff" with him. In this picture it consisted of a tape measure, light saber, wrench in the back pocket and some cleats 4 sizes too big.

Jon took him to a "A's" baseball game and they loved it and they both had awesome hats.

He loves his brother Cooper and wants to be around him to protect him and make sure he is okay. He always asks to hold him and kiss him. I love the way he is always just looking out for him.
We sure love his boy and his fun personality. He is such a home body and loves playing with Kate. We have his friends over here alot because he doesn't want to leave home. He is so playful and always ready to wrestle his Dad. We hate to see him get older and go off to school but he is so excited to start kindergarden. We sure love Conner.


lisa said...

I love that he is such a homebody, what a cutie! I should keep my eye out for some awesome jackets for him. I'm glad he had a great little birthday!

Kimberli K Yost said...

He has the cutest smile and it's funny that he still loves strawberries.
I remember the boy whose mom is Irish. I met them when I was there last year. Still has the long hair but it's cute.

Mindy Gulbranson said...

He did a great job writing his name. I love his smile. Happy Birthday!!!