Sunday, April 22, 2012


We enjoyed going to LA for Easter and seeing Willy and Sheri and their family and Steve and Gena. Taylor even got to join in Settlers with the adults and loved it and apparently did very well.

Grandma bought Isabella and Kate easter dresses and hats and boy did they every love it and thought they were so beautiful.

Kim and Oscar came from Rexburg so we got to met Vanessa who is a week younger than Kate. She is a doll and it was fun to see them.
 Easter Beau Ties. They want to be just like their Dad.

Justin's favorite thing to do was trade baseball cards with Grandpa. He has started collecting them and has quite the collection. Grandpa was so great to get his old cards and sit and trade with him.

We took the kids hiking in Placerita Canyon and in the nature center the kids enjoyed seeing a real owl.

Grandma got to hold Cooper.

Justin informed us he has 110 pieces of candy.

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