Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Dooper Trooper Cooper

Taylor loves Coopers name and calls him Super Dooper Trooper. They even named their football team the Cooper's. He is a great older brother. He loves to hold him and feel like he is really helping me and held him during scripture study so I could read while Jon was gone. Cooper was sitting on my bed crying and Taylor bounced on his knees on my bed for quite awhile and Cooper loved it. He loves having him around and he is always watching out for him and looking after him even when I think he is not paying attention to him. In the picture below he watched Cooper for me while I cooked. He laid there for a long time and Cooper calmed down.

Justin is great with him as well and wants to hold him more than the other kids do. He is always excited when he is awake so he can hold him. He is very responsible and I can leave him with Justin and not worry about him. He is always touching his face and the first thing he does when he comes in the door form school is look for him. Justin's smile shows how proud he is to be a big brother.

Conner is also a great helper and loves to get his diapers but more importantly he loves to get him dressed. The first couple of days home I didn't bother to change Cooper and that is just not right with Conner. He kept asking me, "where are his day clothes." So after that his new job was to pick out his clothes and he loves it. He couldn't reach the top door so he would bring in a stool and pick his clothes. He loves his brother and loves to just lay by him and talk to him. Kate and Conner's favorite thing to do is open the sliding doors in my room so they can get to the side of the playpen so they can see him and talk to him.

Kate can't stand it when he cries and is always trying to shove the pacifier in his mouth when he cries. She too is a great help with diapers and blankets. I have been impresed at how much she is watching out for him and hasn't been jealous of him. They are always kissing him especially Kate but she has to do it multiple times on his face. The poor kid has no personal space with all the kids in his face. She always asks to touch his "soft face." He often is so lucky that she gives him her blanket that she has taken everywhere. She always says how cute he is.

There is something so precious and sweet about having a newborn in our home. We could watch him sleep for hours and wait anxiously for him to wake up. We love him so much. We love how he stares up at us intently while we hold him. We feel so blessed to have him in our home and can't get enough of him. It is fun to watch the kids get so excited about him and love him like he has always been a part of our family.


lisa said...

Cute little thing! He's already grown so much! I love seeing how excited and involved your kids are, they are so cute! Love the name Taylor has dubbed him with. :)

jocie said...

I love this. I love how you've chronicled how each child loves Cooper. What a treasure. And what a cute baby boy.