Sunday, March 4, 2012


Kate-When we get upset at her sometimes. She replies with " You don't love me."  "Who are you talking to on the phone?" I said, Dad. Kate, "Dad is a good Dad."

Conner- Squirrels speak spanish

Taylor-" Justin, could you talk about something else beside horses and dogs?"

Justin-" I am really good at riding horses just like I am good at everything else." He was very disappointed when Jon told him that "man from snowy river" wasn't a true story. Jon quicky recovered that statement with maybe it was written after a book.
" I can read people's minds." "Taylor loves books more than he loves to pray."

T-"Dad do you know what my favorite color is?
T- Brown. I have been keeping it a secret since last November.

Dad-"Are princesses grumpy, do they throw tantrums?
Kate-"No they smile pretty."

T- you know Kate is a pest like bees. You know they are good and bad.
Dad defiently needs to get paid more if he works up until midnight.

J-If I could be a Lego guy, I would be Legolas.

K-This is the StepMother's house she was looking at a princess map.
Cami- Do you even know who what a stepmother is?
Kate-she rips dresses and ruins them.

T- I am loosening your bonds. He was telling Cooper this as he was undoing his car seat straps.

J-You know Mom. I was born to play tetherball.

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