Monday, March 19, 2012

Cooper Kenneth's Snow's story

 The nurses all commented how big his hands were especially across the top. His hand got tangled up in all my IV cords.

Jon's Mom came on Saturday and stayed a week and kept the kids for us when we went in the hospital Wednesday. Boy was she a trooper and was such a great help. Every time Jon came home Kate was in time out, but other than that the kids seemed to really enjoy having her around. I am glad it worked out to have her there to help us even though I was so anxious wondering if we would have to wait all week for Cooper to come.
Jon brought the whole clan in to see Cooper. They were really good and they even brought me flowers and some Cranberry Juice. It always sounds so good in the hospital and they didn't have any. The kids were so funny and so mesmorized by him. They said,"Mom he yawned, he opened his eyes, I can see where his teeth are going to be." It brightened ny day to have them come in twice. Jon was really good to take the kids places so his Mom could have a break but he was there with me the two nights we spent in the hospital.  The West's gave us the idea to get the kids a gift so they woudn't be jealous of the baby. Kate got some princess shoes, Conner Legos, glasses, Justin baseball cards, Taylor a video game. Jon brought them to the hospital because they were from Cooper. The kids loved it.

Cooper weighed 7"12
 20 inches long
8:17 on  March 7 2012
I was a day shy of my due date and was induced. My doctor was going out of town and she said I was a 3-4 so she would start me. I went in at 1:00 and it took awhile for the strong contractions to come. My water broke on it's own and then it was intense. I decided to get an epidural and then Dr. Vogal walked in and said you are a 10 lets have this baby. So I was all excited but then after a few pushes his heart rate was really dropping and she said we may have to do a C-section. So they stopped my contractions with a shot and then had me move around to increase his heart rate, then I tried pushing again. They didn't hook up my epidural because they wanted me to push him out. I had a hard time with Kate because she was posterior. She also said he was still up there so high and he wasnt' dropping. So I pushed for an hour and a half, then she stopped my contractions again and said we have to do a C-section, because if his heart rate drops again if won't got up again. By then I was a mess and afraid and I also felt bad that I couldn't push him out. Dr. Vogal said, "if you say sorry one more time I am going to leave the room." So within minutes I was on the opertating table. They were glad I already had the epidural in place so they could move faster. I told Jon to bring the camera because Craig had some sweet pictures of his kids, but he didn't want to but Dr. Vogal said you better take it if she wants you to. They made him wait to come in and they even started before Jon came in. I thought I would feel him being pulled out of my stomach, but I didn't. Then they said he has his Dad's skinand I did't think it was a good sign.  I couldn't hear him cry at first, but Jon tried to reasure me with his eyes and then I heard him but couldn't see him. I couldn't tell who he looks like, but he has this cute dimple chin and not a lot of hair. Then the clamp on his umblical cord came off so they was blood everywhere, so Jon only managed to get three pictures. The doctor said he was stuck on my pelvic bone and he had a bruise on the side of his head, but he is practically perfect. He is a good eater and a great sleeper and joy to have around. I was nervous about the restrictions with a C-section and was not used to the pain that comes from just trying to sit up in bed, but it is much better already. Cooper is so worth it and we are glad he is here safetly. It is fun to have a baby in the house again.
Jon told me I could pick his middle name. I was talking to my Grandpa Yost. He was telling me to make sure my kids don't forget him and that he hopes they remember who he is. So I decided to use Kenneth as the middle name in honor of him, even though it has been used alot. We love you Grandpa.

Jon did face time on his phone with his Dad and he said, "he doesn't look like an automobile. "


Tonja said...

Congratulations! That is quite the story! He is sooo cute! I can't believe how long his hair is in the back! I am glad everything worked out well and you are doing well too! I hope the next few weeks are easy for you and the kids all adjust well! Congratulations again!!!

Aubrey said...

Congratulations! He is one handsome little guy! I am glad that he is healthy and doing well. That is too bad that you had to have a c-section. They are not fun but as you know, the end result is definantly worth the pain. :) We are happy for you guys!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Congrats!!!! I'm glad it worked out. It brought back memories of my own experience. Painful but worth it. I wish I could hold little Cooper. He is sooo cute. Take it easy after the C-section.:) Love ya tons!!!

jocie said...

Congratulations! Cooper is so handsome. Take care of yourself after a cesarian, they are a little harder to bounce back from. Hooray for the Snow Family!

Michelle Y. said...

Your pictures are amazing. I have loved getting caught up on your blog. I can't wait to meet sweet Cooper.

Cher said...

He is precious and perfect!!! Congratulations!! We are so happy everything turned out okay. We hope to see you soon! Especially now that the weather is better and the days are longer.