Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mom, Lisa and Chade's visit

This is whole clan now. Crazy I know.

Baby Coop 1 1/2 weeks old and what a great baby he is. Very chill and sleeps a ton and we just love having him around.

Lisa was so fun to have around and the kids loved Chade. I almost forgot she was pregnant until I saw her. We both moved at a slow pace and it was relaxing to watch British movies with her even if  Mom thought they were a waste of time. I usually slept through them anyway.

Mom brought rockets to make with the kids with Alka-seltzer in film bottles. Justin and Conner loved it and could've done it all day. It scared them when it blew up in their faces and got water all over. Boy they really went high and were fun to do.

Kates new dresser. It was oak before and Jon sanded it down and painted it and even picked the knobs himself. It lookes great in her room.
Mom painted her whole room pink and we love it and so does she. We debated on all 4 walls but I like it. Mom was the master painter and didn't tape didn't make a mess like I do. Awesome.

Mom made the curtains out of the bag the quilt came in and the bed skirt as well and put up the rod. It looks great.
Jon taking a nap with Cooper and Taylor on Saturday.

Chade was always giving Coop his blanket and was really good with him.

Lisa made some bows for my friend Marianne and some bows for Kate. She is great.
Kate loved to play to infinity and beyond with Chade jumping off the rocks. Conner loved Chade as well and didn't want play dates or to go to preschool because he wanted to play with Chade.

St. Patricks Day parade was great fun. It is a big deal in Dublin with green everywhere. I was glad it wasn't raining and Kate wanted Grandma to hold her. Grandma was her best friend. She read books to her all night and let her sleep in her bed.

Lisa's bow she made for St. Patrick's Day.

I loved all the bands especially this one with the bag pipes.

Guess who got to venture out in the snugglie and not even know it. Cooper was a trooper in it. I was glad they got to stay through the weekend because it was snowing over the pass. It was a fun week with projects galore, Dairy Queen runs, St. Patricks day searching for irish coins around the house then turning them in for money and shopping for Toys. I enjoyed the help with getting the kids to school and the fun company most of all to get me through the first week after having a C-section.


lisa said...

Can we come back now? :) I love the cute family picture, I'm glad we took one! :) It was so much fun to be down there with you guys! It makes me look forward to seeing you guys again. Hopefully soon right? :)

Kimberli K Yost said...

Your pictures are so fun. I love Kate's room. The curtains look good and I love all four walls painted! Good job! I'm sure mom is a way better painter than me.
We laughed about Cooper in the snuggly.

Matt and Natalie Yost said...

I am so excited to see Cooper in July! He is so handsome! I hope you are doing well.!

Matt and Natalie Yost said...

Oh ya! Kate's room is so cute. Your Mom is so good at painting and sewing!

Matt and Natalie Yost said...

Oh ya! Kate's room is so cute. Your Mom is so good at painting and sewing!

jocie said...

Your family is so darling. And Kate's room looks fantastic.