Monday, April 2, 2012

Play ball

 These are some pictures a Dad took of Taylor's best shots. He was behind the pitcher and even had some outs. He was fearless and sliding all over. Go Taylor!

This is pretty classic. I was at the other end of the field with the other kids on the playground, so I missed his good plays, but I am glad the Dad took a play by play shot for me. Taylor was proud of his scraps on his arms and knees. Totally worth it.

This is Taylor's first time playing baseball. His team is the "Hooks." Most of his games are at his school as well as his practices and one of the coaches lives a block away. A tender mercy for sure as I wondered if it would be too much with baby Cooper to haul the kids around. Plus he has already missed 3 games due to rain. It has been fun to watch him get excited about it and we are glad he enjoys it.

He has gotten so much better at hitting. Go Taylor!

This is their favorite place to watch the games on the trash can behind home plate.

First baseman. He really tries hard and is doing better and really seems to enjoy it.

Taylor was the catcher in his second game and loved it and looked pretty cool in all the gear.


lisa said...

Oh how fun! He looks like the real deal! So glad he had so much fun. I'm so sad his game got cancelled because of the rain when we were there, I would have loved to watch him! Go Taylor!

Tonja said...

What a cutie! He looks like a natural!