Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lawrence Hall of Science Museum

We enjoyed having Monday off for President's Day. We went to the Lawrence Hall of Science Musuem in Berkley with some of our friends the Holmes. Hunter is Taylor's age and infact all of their kids match up with ours almost exactly. What a great time we had.

This had to be their favorite spot. We spent atleast a couple of hours in this room. It was a hands on science room. Justin loved the big blowers and spent a long time just sticking things he made up the tube  and watched it go out of the top so he could do it all over again.

This is how excited he is just watching one of his paper inventions go up the tube. You can't beat the smile.

The other kids loved putting balls down these tunnels.

This whole clan. Bridger, Taylor, Hunter, Hailey, Conner, Justin, Kate and McKenzie. We love these guys and had such a great time together.

Conner enjoyed the microscope.

The kids spent forever making things with these magnets.

This is the invention table for the tube blowers Justin loved so much.

It was a foggy rainy day so it makes this big Killer Whale outside of the museum look real. They loved climbing all over it.

Kate insisted on wearing these farm boots and looked quite classy in them as always.

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