Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hiking in Sunol

We had a free Saturday so we took the kids hiking in Sunol in Pleasanton. It is a regional park 30 minutes away. The kids really enjoyed it and loved hiking around the trails. The even brought their own walking sticks from home to help with the hiking.

The kids were good sports I was the one that pretended to wait for Kate or Conner all the while huffing and a puffing myself.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and lots of hills and hardly any body around.
They were thrilled to see a cow of all things. They must miss Idaho.

We hiked to this spot called "Little Yosemite." It was around 1.3 miles to hike there. It was a blast for the kids because it was all of these rocks aorund a creek bed and they had a blast climbing all over them. We just need to have big rocks in our backyard and we are set.

Jon let Justin whittle with his knife scary I know, but he loves it and could do it all day and always is asking when he can get his own pocketknife.

Kate loved the water and throwing rocks in it was also super fun for her.
I love this they look like twins. We hiked the road back instead of the hills.
A group shot just so the kids would know that I hiked with them 8 months pregnant. It was so fun to be outside hiking with the kids.

Here is a few of the commentary we were fortunate to have with the kids. I have enjoyed our outings because we have the greatest discussions.
Kate-"This is a cool place."
Justin-"We are going to Paradise Falls."
Taylor-"Mom you should go first because you have alot of experience with cows." We saw a cow and they were nervous to approach it.
Conner-"Dad you got a good Mooer."
The first sign we saw told us to watch out for mountain lions, gopher snakes, rattlesnakes so we spent some time looking for them. We came upon a hole and Taylor said, "is that a salamander hole or a snake hole."


Michelle Y. said...

I'm not surprised at all that you hiked 8 months pregant. Didn't you do the same thing with Kate in Idaho? You are amazing!

lisa said...

I'm not surprised either, just wish I could have the energy and ambition you do! I LOVED the commentaries at the bottom, your kids are such a crack up! I can't wait to spend a week with you all!!!