Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Firestation field trip

Conner had a field trip with his preschool. We have a group of 7 kids and take turns teaching. Melissa has set up some great field trips. They drove the fire truck out around back and turned on the sirens. Apparently it was too much for the kids. It was a great tour one of the best I have been on. They even hooked Marianne's husband up to the EKG monitor and let the kids spray the hose. The kids really had a great time as well as did the adults.

 I thought this looked cool on the front of the truck.

They let the kids take turns turning on the hose. Conner loved it.

Conner and one of his friends Jace loving the hats.
Kate loves her friend Shonah and is always telling me, " I have to show Shonah my pretty hair, my shoes, etc and she always gives her a big hug when she sees her."

Kate's turn at the hose.

The clan. Garrett, Kate, Julian, Emily, Abby, Sami, Ricky, Jace, Conner, Tiarnen, Shonah. Conner told me his favorite part of the fire station was the maps they showed them of the city and when he sprayed the water.
Conner loves this jacket and never takes the hood off rain or shine. This is another one of his quirky clothes fashion statment he is always making.


lisa said...

Oh how fun! What a great idea to plan the little field trips!! Hope Justin's field trip goes great too!

Christy said...

I love field trips! So much fun.

You do such a good job keeping up on your blog! I wish I wasn't such a blogging slacker. :)