Saturday, February 4, 2012


Conner's new hobby is arranging our Willow Tree family every day. He loves them and is always changing them around. This is our whole family with the new one we got for Cooper. I am surprised at how much the kids love them maybe because they picked them out. They are on a table in my living room so I see them often and I love them. I can't believe we are going to have 5 in our family. I feel really blessed and excited to have our new one coming soon. Jon is anxious to met him and so are the rest of us.

This is the new one we bought for Cooper. We didn't really like the baby ones and really liked this one.

Pose #2.

Pose #3.


Michelle Y. said...

I love these so much, I think I might need to copy you :) It's very special all the kids picked out their own. I can't believe you are going to have 5 kids! We can't wait to meet Cooper.

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Let me quess the one with the dog is Justin. How did you get them to match you kids so closely. Awesome. Fun.