Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maritime Academy

We went to visit the Martime Academy in Vallejo. This is where Jon's Grandpa Snow went to school to become a engineer. He worked down in the boiler room on big ships like this. We came before when Taylor was a baby and it was fun to go back. In fact Jon stood in front of the Boat House with Taylor in the snugglie. Last time the big ship called the Golden Bear wasn't there. It was so big and fun to look at. We even walked right up to it and talked to someone to see if we could get on. We were sad not to be able to get on but the kids just enjoyed walking around and playing down by the water.We have always gone on a Saturday so it is empy and the bookstore isn't open. It always makes us smile and remember what a great person Grandpa was and helps us to think of him.

Another Winery we stopped at. This building was so cool looking.

The kids enjoyed looking at the fountain more than anything and walking around the grounds.

These last ones are of a Culinary school in wine country. It reminded me of Hogwarts. It was such a cool building. They have cooking demonstrations and classes. We enjoyed walking around inside and going to the gift shop. Jon loves the old buildings and it was a fun Saturday to be able to so many things.


jocie said...

First of all, you guys go on fun family adventures. And secondly, I love Grandpa Snow.

lisa said...

I'm loving the fun adventures! It seems like winter keeps us inside, we need to become more creative... :) I read an article the other day about Parents' bucket list of things they wanted to do with their kids before their kids left the house. It made me think of you. :) You're awesome at doing great activities and creating memories with your kids!