Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ward Christmas Party

This is one of our favorite Missionary's Sister Schaeer. She was always smiling and so fun to have around. You can kind of see Cooper's head. 
I had to lead the primary in 2 songs. I stressed Kim Nearon out because I took Cooper to bathroom and I was supposed to be leading a song. I love all of the girls hair that the youth did. I love these kids. I love my 2 boys in the back with Hunter smiling. 

Niko and Ashley & Taylor. They both came with their hair like this. Pretty impressive. Niko had hers super high and even had an ornament on top. 

Sarah Donato made this whole set. She drew the paintings and all. Pretty awesome. Jon spent most of that morning helping set it up. They really went all out this year with the Grinch theme. It was a great party. 

I love our bishop. This was the group in charge of the party. Ed was the Grinch and they had a whole program with it. Bishop Hale made a great Mayor, and I love Brother Dee's as Gru. We have such a good ward. 
At the ward Christmas party I took Kate and Cooper to sit on Santa. Kate asked for a new baby and Cooper asked for Doggie Legos. It was so nice there wasn't a line and he even sat and tried to tell them jokes. They sat on his lap for a long time.I think it helped to have Kate there. Cooper wasn't scared. They did a great job. 

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