Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thanksgiving in Idaho

The kids were so excited to have snow in Idaho. It was cold the first couple of days but then it snowed. Nate and Lauren took them out in the snow to play. Our poor kids didn't have any snow gear but they didn't seem to mind. Cooper loved being on the four wheeler. 

Cooper just loved Ty. He is such a happy cute kid. 

Great Grandpa would always tell us how pretty he thought it was outside when it snowed. I had to take a picture just for him. Uncle Scott took Brex &Cooper on a tractor ride to clear the driveway of snow.

Kate enjoyed playing in the snow with her cousins. Myanna is always crazy,

Charlie is a cute kid. He looks about their same age but it is a year older but they had fun playing together. 

These three cute kids lost their front teeth about the same time. They are all born the same month. Kate tried to wait till she went to school to lose them so her teacher would give her a little tooth box to put them in. 

We had big clan with Kyle', Kent,  Lisa and Kim's ]family. Jon took the three boys up to Rexburg for three days to help Julie move and see their cousins. We enjoyed all being together with good food too. 

Our annual pie contest. It was a close one this year. Matt Taylor one with his berry pie with YC on it. He really spent a long time on it. They were all good. I made an apple dutch pie. The kids really liked Lisa's eclair pie. 

Grandma Yost's pumpkin pie. 

Matt Taylor's pie.

Lisa's eclair pie.

Lisa took the kids out on the tractors. 
We got haircuts from Melissa. She did a melt on Kim. She bleached the bottom. We left Lisa 9 kids to watch. 

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