Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas Eve

We had a really nice Christmas Eve dinner with food from Rattler's. Carolyn invited Carlene&Bob Schultz;s for dinner. Great Grandma came as well. 

We acted out the nativity that night. Cooper was excited to act the story. He was a lamb at one point and a cow. It is so fun that she has all of the costumes. It is always fun for the kiddos. 

Justin, Conner were wise men and Taylor was Joseph. 

Tim was the inn keeper. Love this smile. 

Perfect little angels. Kate loves playing with Vanessa and treats her so good. 

Jon was so proud of his headpiece. He did a very impressive job. 

Amanda Tim's friend was Mary,

Not sure what was really going on here. 

Christmas Eve PJ;s. He was thrilled about them. 

The girls loved their new pj's. 

Oscar gave the kids army clothes. The kids especially loved the hats with the name Snow on it. 

G&G gave the kids their own lightsabers. Kids loved them. 

I wrapped a big box for the kids to open. We found out we were having a boy on Nov. 20th but Jon decided to surprise the boys on Christmas Eve. We put in 4 helium balloons. They were so excited. Cooper had them convinced that we were having a boy. Cooper came to the ultrasound but he told them it was  girl. Justin seemed to be the most excited about it. He was running around screaming. It was fun to watch them open it. I was worth the wait for them. I told quite a few other people so I am just glad the kids didn't find out before hand. 

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